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Si sciolgono i ghiacciai

Melting glaciers

video 3'40''

Narciso_si sciolgono i ghiacciai.jpg

The picture printed on ice is a glacier. The video talks about the melting of ice and the climate change and focuses not only on image but also on sound. There is a trickle, a soft crackling, an almost sore breath of the wind. Almost a tear, to give voice to those who do not have one. The ear must be stretched, pay attention to it. It is time for nature and the world to enter history, as injured subjects first of all. Equipped with their own voice, which is expressed in languages different from ours. In the video, the blue white colors of the cold remain, the promiscuity with the black and white of the first technological media, and above all the time: that of immersing ourselves in the wounded sovereignty of that landscape. We wanted to dominate recklessly the resources we depend on. We are in the presence of a nature in tears, an electively human phenomenon. The water reveals the image but at the same time causes its end. The work shows the ability of matter to make forms evolve autonomously, so that the work is created in collaboration with the non-human.

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